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Top 10 of 2011 - Top 10 Characters in 2011

The fourth day of the week of the Top 10 of 2011, hosted by Confessions of a Bookaholic, A Life Bound By Books, Fiktshun and Two Chicks on Books. Today's theme is Awesome Characters!

This is made a little differently - I tried to find categories, and have a winner for each. Also, I tried to keep yesterday's characters out of this one, so no category for best boyfriend material. You can see the winner and the nominees for that one here.

Top 10 Characters in 2011

Rae by Jen7watersBest Female Character of 2011: Rae/Sunshine in Sunshine
This was not an easy pick. So many awesome female characters this year! It was a close fight between Rae/Sunshine, Oree and Katsa. And if it had come to blows, I'm sure Katsa would win (ie. survive), but since I am picking, I chose Rae. Why? Because I love the way she thinks, and because I connected the most with her. Of all the characters, she felt the most real, the most human.

Runner-ups:Oree in The Broken Kingdoms
Katsa in Graceling

Best Male Character of 2011: Gen in The Thief
I said I wouldn't repeat yesterday's post, but you know what? Though luck. Gen is simply amazing and he deserves this spot. Best Male Character! He is just awesome. And let's leave it at that.

Runner-ups:Luis in Valiant/Ironside
Fool in The Assassin's Apprentice
Zander in Transformation/Revelation
Everyone in yesterday's post

Best Villain of 2011: Gollum in The Hobbit
This is a bit a cheating, because Gollum is not that much of a Villain, and not on The Hobbit anyway. But Best Villain doesn't mean the most villainous of characters - it means characters that I love so much even if they are on the dark side (they do have cookies). Gollum is one of my favourites, especially in Lord of the Rings, but the chapter "Riddles in the Dark" is my favourite, and this is a way of paying homage to Gollum.

Runner-ups:Linay in Plain Kate
Loethar in King's Wrath

Best Sidekick of 2011: Rudy in The Book Thief
It was a close call on whether to put Rudy in the Sidekick category or the Brat one, because he most certainly is a brat. He would most certainly win on both categories. He is Liesel friend and companion in her thieving activities, and all he asks in return is: A kiss! Even if he is covered in mud (or other foul things) and insults her from time to time (meaning: in an almost everyday basis)

Proof of Awesomeness:
A book floated down the Amper River. A boy jumped in, caught up to it, and held it in his right hand. He grinned. He stood waist-deep in the icy, Decemberish water.
“How about a kiss, Saumensch?” he said.

Best Brat of 2011: Mina in My Name is Mina
And now for the brats. I could put Gen in here, because he most certainly a brat. Rudy would give him a run for his money in bratiness. And Artemis wouldn't be far behind, and he would play dirty to come out on top. But I have to give Mina the first place on this. She is the female version of Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes), the terror for any teacher because she is smart, and she knows it, but she thinks so outside the box that there is no box anymore - which translate as being extremely weird. But that's why I adore her!

Runner-ups:Artemis in Artemis Fowl
Arya in A Song of Ice and Fire series

Best Royalty of 2011: Attolia in The Queen of Attolia
There is always some royalty in fantasy, and with this year's batch it was no different. I had plenty of minor lords and ladies, princes and princesses, kings and queens to choose from, but the award goes to Attolia. She comes off cold and dangerous, and maybe she is both, a bit. But that is a result of her life and of the betrayals she suffered. She is strong and intelligent, and not devoid of heart. It was an amazing character to discover, and to unravel.

Runner-ups:Eddis in The Queen of Attolia

Best Parental Figure of 2011: Hans Hubermann in The Book Thief
Not necessarily a parent, but that one character that teaches and helps the Hero/Heroine to stay on the good Path. You know, Dumbledore to Harry, or Bilbo to Frodo, or Gandalf to pretty much everyone... But the award goes to Hans Hubermann, because there is no one quite like him: from late night reading lessons to accordion music, he made everything in his power to be the best father to Liesel. And in my opinion, he was.

Runner-ups:Yvonne in Sunshine
Chade in The Assassin's Apprentice

Best Talking Cat of 2011: Taggle in Plain Kate
I like cats, so I enjoy seeing felines in my books, and this year had quite a few of them. From Varjak Paw to Bedtime stories for Cats, with at least two re-tellings of Puss-on-Boots in between, there was no shortage of cats (not all of them talkative, true), but it was Taggle that stole my heart. Not only did I wish to have a cat like him, I wish to have a friend like him.

Proof of Awesomeness:
Taggle was absorbed in the meat pie. ‘It’s covered in BREAD,’ he huffed. ‘What fool has covered MEAT with BREAD?'

Best Magical Being of 2011: Temeraire in His Majesty's Dragon
Another hard category. First, what is a Magical Being? Would Rae/Sunshine be one? She is not entirely human, is she? What about Death? And all the Gods in the Inheritance Series? And Talking Cats would probably also fit in here. So, who to choose? Well, you can never go wrong with dragons, and Temeraire is a very fun dragon. He loves to read, well to be read to, since there aren't any books being published for dragons. And he is very smart, very loyal, and very compassionate.

Proof of Awesomeness:
“Does he read to you?” Lady Allendale asked Temeraire, amused.
“Yes; you see, I cannot hold them myself, for they are too small, and also I cannot turn the pages very well,” Temeraire said.

Best Dwarf of 2011: Tyrion in A Game of Thones and A Clash of Kings
You could say I created this category just for Tyrion, after all there aren't that many dwarfs in literature. But you would be forgetting that I re-read the Hobbit this year, and if there is something that book isn't lacking, it is dwarfs. Still, Tyrion tops them all (all 13 of them), even if I adore that book. Why? Because Tyrion is made of pure win, with only that not-so-minor flaw that he is a Lannister.

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