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Top 10 of 2011 - Top 10 Book Boyfriends in 2011

The third day of the week of the Top 10 of 2011, hosted by Confessions of a Bookaholic, A Life Bound By Books, Fiktshun and Two Chicks on Books. Today's theme: Book Boyfriends!

This is not an easy top for me. It's not that there aren't characters who I wish for a boyfriend, because there are! But I'm usually drawn to the morally grey (and dark grey, and black) characters, and let's face it, most of those I wouldn't want to spend that much time with. But, let's just see what I can come up with.

Top 10 Book Boyfriends in 2011

1 - Mr. Thornton in North and South
This was the easiest part of the list, the number 1. There is no doubt that John Thornton gets the lead. If most young ladies wish for a Darcy of their own, I much prefer this Northman. He works for a living, for a start. And albeit his cold exterior, and stiff manners, he is not devoid of emotions, quite the opposite, actually. He is fair, and he keeps his promises. Really, what more could a girl want?

Bonus: On the little screen he was amazingly portrayed by Richard Armitage. Really, what more could a girl want?

...and that's it. Because there no one else but Thornton.

Okay, okay, I'll add 9 more to complete the list. But they won't be as good as Thornton.

2 - Po in Graceling
Po is just awesome. He is sure of himself, and with reason (he does know what you think of him).
Pros: Mismatched eyes, Fighting skills, Tatts, a very good heart, the ability to make Katsa blush with his shirt open. And with his shirt closed as well.
Cons: Way too much bling (The rings, OMG, so many rings), knows what you think of him, always. And I wouldn't want to fight Katsa to have him.

3 - Kenshin (Yeah, I'm bringing in the mangas for this top)
Former assassin, likes to play dumb and enjoy the calm countryside.
Pros: Loves children and does the laundry. Can protect the house from enemies (although he might destroy it in process). Red-head, long hair, swords and scars \o/.
Cons: Has lots of enemies. Might be bi-polar. Used to kill tons of people (and was very good at it).

4 - Gen in The Thief
He is probably NOT my type, but I would be unable to resist his charm, because, really, I imagine him like this:

...and I just can't resist the smoulder.

But can I have him around? Because I can't really trust him to stay out of trouble even if he is within sight, and I much rather have the adventures with him myself than read about it afterwards!

5 - Sianadh in The Ill-Made Mute
Sianadh is a pirate that saves our Ill-Made Mute, and then goes on to have adventures with her. He is a lot of fun and a rather remarkable man in spite of his rude talking and manners (waaaay better than that creep Thorn).
Pros: He is a Pirate! He plays something like chess and is good at it. He can tell the difference between a boy and a girl (unlike pretty much everyone else). He gives a name to the Mute. He teaches her to count. He even teaches her to talk with her hands.
Cons: There is something that is written on the pages of the book, but that I still say didn't happen. But if it did happen, it's definitely a con.

Selling point: “Nay, it ain't got fleas, and 'tis a girl.”

6 - Vidanric in Crown Duel
Vidanric is the Hero in Crown Duel. Well, kind of. He is, but it takes a long time for the Heroine to notice it.
Pros: Doesn't mind being the target for candle-holder throwing practise. Has a subtle and smart sense of humour. Can be really romantic when he puts his mind into it. Is good in politics and battle.
Cons: Uses kisses as payment of wagers. It should be fine if he only makes them with you, but you never know. Blond (just not my type, I'm afraid).

7 - Mel in Sunshine
Mel is a bit of a mystery. Well, strike that. Mel is a mystery. He is Sunshine's boyfriend (which doesn't stop her from getting too friendly with mushroom-skined vampires. Well, vampire, it was just the one).
Pros: He has mysterious tattoos that seemed to indicate that he is/was a wizard of some sort. He bakes yummy food. He rides a bike. And he's solid as a tree in the sense that he will stand by you and help you, no matter what.
Cons: He could be the Evil Overlord who rules the Universe with Pain and Torture, since I know very little about him. Also, he is taken.

8 - Shiny in The Broken Kingdoms
Shiny is a God in a Human body, put there as punishment for bad behaviour to and by his siblings.
Pros: He is a God. He is shiny, as in, he shines (but only in the morning, which might be great as an alarm clock). He might not say much, but when he talks, it matters.
Cons: He is a God. He is rather resistance to change, he might need a decade to accept it.

9 - Linay in Plain Kate
He is strange, and weird and not altogether good. But I really liked him, and felt he just needed some loving. And I am willing to do that... Please, Ms. Bow, let me have him! I'll take good care of him and will not let him go around stealing shadows!

10 - Maeniel in The Silver Wolf
Maeniel is a mountain lord, a kind-of former barbarian that managed to get a dominion which to rule. In times of peace he is adorable, because he worries too much about everything. About the grain, and the servants, and the weather... But he can keep a clear head in times of peril, and think quickly. And since he has a furry situation, he is quite formidable in battle. But what his really cool about him, is that he has a long history (and I only got mere glimpses of it), and an unusual version of lycanthropy.

Third time killed the charm: Both the Kushiel series and the Study series have great characters that are boyfriend material, but since the books that I read this year were not even close to my liking, I couldn't quite bring myself to include them on the top. So, honourable mentions are:

Valek in the Study Series
Pros: Good looking, protective, has a hobby that is not related to work. Is a gentleman and doesn't take advantage of drunken criminals maidens.
Cons: Tendency to poison loved ones. Works as an assassin.

Joscelin in the Kushiel Series
Pros: Awesome fighter. Tends to not break vows, unless they get in the way of being with whom he loves. Long hair. Quite passionate, even if he tries to appear stoic.
Cons: Chastity vow, blond, too much of a priest.

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