Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 Ins and Outs - The Stats

Another year comes to an end, another year in reading (and reviewing, although there has been very little of that this past month). After spending this week looking back, making these lists of things I liked, and things I want for the next year, it's only right that I make a summary of my reading, isn't it? (Even if it isn't, I'll do it anyway.)

So, here they are, the Ins and Outs of 2011 (that come before the December ones, I'm afraid).

Total books acquired: 111

Breakdown by source
Bought (65)
New: 41
In a Bookfair: 18
Used: 5
Ebook: 1

Swapsites (32)
Bookmooch: 28
WinkingBooks: 4

Freebies (14)
Gifts: 7
Won on a giveaway: 1
For Review - physical book: 2
For Review - ebook: 4

Not included: Kindle freebies

Total books read: 86!

Out of these 86, 9 were review copies. 70 books were actual, paper and ink and cover, books. 16 were ebooks. (I did juggle 2 books between book, ebook and audiobook) 17 were graphic novels or mangas (and 3 of those were digital galleys). 2 were short stories.

Languages: I read 70 books in English, 11 in Portuguese and 5 in Spanish.

I liked most of the books I've read this year: 57 received a rating of 4 stars or more. But there were some that didn't impressed me: 6 books received a rating of 2 stars or less. The average rating was 3.81.

Now, with ebooks this won't be accurate - I took the value of a paperback edition of the same book in the cases there was one, but some of the books pages were calculated based on the number of pages on pdf, or Adobe digital editions, or using the simple rule of number of pages on my cellphone divided by 4.

Longest book: A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin with 835 pages
Average length: 286 pages
Total number of pages: 24611 pages
16 books were 500 pages or longer
45 books had 250 pages or less

Time to read:
Average time it takes to read one book: 9 days - but reading multiple books at the same time.
A book was finished, on average, every 4.2 days (this is completely bogus - some days I read more than one books, especially if was it mangas, some months I finished only one book.)
Average number of pages read each day: 68

Start value: 170 books
End value: 201 books

I have 31 more books in my TBR list than at the end of last year. SHAME! I'll be working on clearing it on 2012.
Taking into account my rate of reading of the last 2 and a half years, and if I read nothing but books on my TBR, and add nothing to it, I should clear it on July of 2014. See you then!

Oh, wait, there is more!

Next year I will be doing some Challenges - trying to read more, and just clear the TBR list mount. And an unofficial challenge will be also to cut down a bit on the getting more books side (I foresee that I'll fail this one). Maybe keep things on a 1:1 ratio?

I still have lots of books to review (from November and December), but those also will come next year.

Until then, I hope you have a lot fun on New Year's Eve, and make the best out of 2012 (unless the world ends on the first day)!

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