Sunday, 17 April 2011

March Ins and Outs

March's Ins and Outs

Here is a long overdue post, but in my defense I wrote it quite a while ago, and managed to lose it between computers and thumb drives. I'm pretty sure the file will turn up once I finish up writing this.

March was the month I pick up the reading rhythm (Hurray!), although on the buying/mooching side it is pretty much the same - I might need to accept that I'm addicted to getting books. But on my defence they are mostly graphic novels, and once started, are gone in a flash.

And so, without further ado:

Although there are a lot of book here they came on just 2 packages - meaning I definitely tried to cut back on mooching, but decided to do it in bulk.

Volumes 1 to 6 of Full Metal Alchemist by Hiromu Arakawa
Ever since I watched the anime I wanted to read the manga, because hey, it's more of the same! Now I can start and see if I like it more than the anime.

The Riddle-master of Hed and Heir of Sea and Fire by Patricia A. McKillip
Books 1 and 2 of The Riddle-master trilogy. I want to figure out if I like Patricia A. McKillip or not. After reading Alphabet of Thorn I kind of liked the worldbuilding and the general idea but not the writing or the plot - it's kind of weird, really - so I'll give this author another try.

Bought (New)
Volume 2 of The Sandman - Doll's House by Neil Gaiman
I'm slowly making my way through this series - I've read Volume 1 and liked it. On other note, I found out that the Spanish edition of this is simply stunning (as with a lot of other graphic novels), that almost makes buy it (not reading, though).

Sunshine by Robin McKinley
Another author that I'm giving a second try - I read Deerskin and thought it was okay and kind of nice, and want to see if I can get more of a response from this one. Also, it has such a pretty cover (even if it's yellow). It has lots of spirals (I really like spirals) and it actually sparkles and glitters (and the irony that a book about vampires sparkles is not lost on me).

Read books!
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Brontë
I spent most of February reading this one - actually I finished it on the 1st of March, which makes it a bit silly to appear here. I enjoyed this one a lot. You can find the review here.

The King's Wrath by Fiona McIntosh
I got this one from David Gemmell Award (as seen on the February Ins and Outs), so I started it as soon as I finished Jane Eyre.

Sr. Bentley : O Enraba Passarinhos by Ágata Ramos Simões
This one was fast and amusing read. And also the first book I reviewed in Portuguese, as it world not really make much sense in English. Review in Portuguese here.

Valiant by Holly Black
I picked Valiant up, first because I wanted to read it, and second, because I thought a YA book might help me pick up rhythm. I wasn't wrong. I also loved this book which help a lot with speed - I was reading it anytime I had a chance - on the train, standing up and with very poor balance, while cooking, and...hmmm...while on the loo. Review in here.

The Princess & the Penis by R.J. Silver
This one was for free on GoodReads, so I downloaded it to my phone and read it at work when there was not much to do. Really amusing, and for a sort-of-parody, quite well written and with good messages. You can read it for free here.

TBR changes: +6 book - from 188 to 194 (it's frightening that I'm closing on 200 books to read)


  1. Nice aquisitions! ^-^

    I was wondering, did you order Valiant through Book Depository too? I ordered Tithe and the same thing happened to me that had happened to you, with BD having the old cover of a butterfly but the book I got was the green one with a girl's face. I ask this because whenever I order Valiant I would like to have this edition to go with Tithe. ;)

  2. McKillip, McKinley and Brontë, I say this is a GREAT edition of the Ins and Outs. How unfortunate that Sherwood Smith isn't there as well... *poke poke*

  3. Sunshine! I have that cover also and it's so pretty (at leats the shine is beacuse of the girl, and not because of the vampire).

    Depending on which anime version of Full Metal Achemist you saw, the manga will be different. The first anime was very different (a few cvolumes in), but the second anime was more true to the manga, I think ...

    And Sandman ... I really have to read that one. Everyone loves it.

  4. @p7 Valiant I bought in an online used-books store, because I wanted that cover, and didn't want to take my chances with Bookdepository. I was not sure if it would happen the same thing that happened with Tithe.

    @jen It might appear in the April post. Still waiting for it to be delivered.

    @Ana I think the anime I watched was the first one, and then I watched a few episodes of FMA:Brotherhood.

    I liked the first volume of Sandman, not exactly mindblowing, but still good. From what I've read online the later volumes are much better - which is a good sign.