Saturday, 23 April 2011

Happy International Day of the Book

I could make a bigger post out of it, but I'm tackling Mt. Doom To-Be-Read, in what I'm calling Operation Manga! Since I've come home for holidays I've taken care of the 6 volumes of Fullmetal Alchemist. Now I think I'll go read the 3 volumes of Nausicaa that I still have to read, followed by The Legend of Drizzt or Escaflowne.


Happy International Day of the Book

Do a lot of Reading!!

Also, happy Easter!


  1. Estás-te a 'empanturrrar' de Manga. Assim é que é!
    Boas leituras.

  2. That's an impressive pile. :D Happy book day!

  3. @Ana
    Tinha muitas para ler que estavam guardadas para um "rainy day". Claro que eu aproveito estar um solzinho bom para por a minhas leituras em dia :)

    I realized that when I finished writing the post. Sorry about that, but it's true - I'm too busy reading (and sunbathing)

    yep, it is - although most of those I've actually read, but it was an old photo, and I didn't want to go and take a new one.

  4. Wow, enjoy! I loved the Fullmetal Alchemist manga & anime. Hope you're enjoying them too. As for Escaflowne & Nausicaa, I've only seen the anime and they're some of my favourites ... hope the manga is as good or better :-)

  5. FMA is really good, although it is pretty much like the anime. Nausicaa is great, and a bit more complex than the anime, I am really loving it.

    Escaflowne the one I have is the first manga, that has almost nothing to do with the anime and the movie, and it's shounen and not shoujo. It's a bit weird, especially because Hitomi is so different in here (she has long dark hair and wears glasses :O)