Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Book Fair Haul, part 4

Now that the fair is on its second week, it takes me much less time to walk through it. I know where most of the books are, and only check on some stands to see if there is anything new, or at a better price.

Today I went to buy one book, but ended up with two. And the name of another to check reviews and on bookmooch.

The one I wanted to get was A Escriba by Antonio Garrido (La Escriba in Spanish, not available in English), an historical novel set on Charlemagne's time.

The other one was a random book that I encountered on a stand that had some of Tim Burton's books. It is A Loja dos Suicídios (The Suicide Shop) by Jean Teulé, and it is a black humour novel. The first sentence of the book is (roughly translated by me):
"It is a little shop where a sun ray never enters."
It will probably be a fast but delightful read.

The one I will try to get on Bookmooch is a crime novel, based on Fairy Tales (because I like them, even if I had a bad experience with a book based on them). It is Brother Grimm by Craig Russell.

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