Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Book Fair Haul, part 2

Second day of the fair, and there I was under the blazing sun, and a list of books I wanted to find in hand!

Today I only bought one book (I mope, while my mother rolls her eyes and asks where shall I put all the books). Here it is, isn't it beautiful?

This is The book of imaginary beings by Jorge Luis Borges, and was on my wishlist for quite some time. I still haven't read Fictions (it's on my evergrowing To Be Read list), but I think I'll start with this one, because it's so pretty and seems so fantastical.

Upside of the fair: I can finally say I have something of a tan (even if it's more red-ish than brown).


  1. It has a dragon sketch on the cover OF COURSE IT'S PRETTY!

    *we need sunscreen*

  2. Yes, we need. And less clothes, otherwise we'll have tan lines :P