Saturday, 21 May 2011

Quigui Writes

This post was meant for last week, but blogger started to misbehave so I couldn't do it then. As this is about a new blog of mine, and after the meltdown it was sent to limbo, I decided to wait until blogger returned it to me.

Blogger didn't return it to me. (although it has finally returned my missing comment) After a week I decided to re-register the name (because it was as if the blog had never existed) and just hope that the Universe wouldn't implode as a result of that. But since it's rapture judgement day, I can blame it on that.

Anyway, Quigui Writes is my new baby blog. It will be a place for everything that I write. It will be mostly fantasy, and mostly works in progress that might never see an ending. Up until now much of what I wrote has only been read by me (and one other person who is to blame for inciting me to post), and the things posted there are totally unedited and unpolished. This means that a lot of the things I rant about in this blog, I will be guilty of in that one.

So far there is a short story there, and the explanation of a longer one that I'll be posting weekly. If you feel curious about it, you can check it at


  1. It'a really a shame about blogger's meltdown, but at least you still managed to re-register the blog name.
    I'll be checking the new blog. :)

  2. Bad Blogger! They didn't return all the stuff that was missing. My blog still had a couple of comments missing. :( At least you got to get the same blog name and all. :) I'll be checking it out. ;)

  3. Thanks for checking it out :)

    @p7 I only realized that I had the comment back after I re-created the other blog, so I don't know if that had anything to do with it...

  4. Guilty as charged!:D

    About this rapture thing...not God's best work. Nothing happened! I think he needs a new Event Planner *disappointed*

  5. Let's hope the Mayan people got it right at least. I've hearing about the end of the world for ages, getting ready and all hyped about it and then nothing happens! So not cool.