Thursday, 5 August 2010

A review of sorts: Happle Tea

I love reading webcomics, there are a bunch that I follow.

One of my recent discoveries is Happle Tea (Thanks Stumble! You magic button!), and I'm completely in love with it.

Happle Tea is "a webcomic about mythology and other things", and if that didn't make it right up my alley, there is also the super cute characters. See:

The comics are indeed about mythology. Lately the stories were devoted to the Finish Kalevala, and one of the stories of Ilmarinen. But there are comics about a lot of mythologies (Nanook, Eve and The Serpent, Odin, Dragons or Atlas ) as well as some literary mythologies like fairy tales, Lord of the Rings or time travel. And I love all this different characters, some that I know from their pantheon, some that are totally new to me, and how it all works out together. You would think that mixing all of these things would overcrowd a comic and make little sense, but Happle Tea manages the Gods and other beings quite well, presenting a good, funny story in each comic.

But more than the funny comics, what I love about Happle Tea are the author comments that come with it, usually about the mythology the comic is based on. I learn something new every time a comic is published (and this means every Tuesday and Friday). Usually the comments are long, and that in the Internet world in almost never a good thing. People usually just don't read stuff that is longer than two small paragraphs, and I'm guilty of this too. But I'm eager for the author's comment almost as much as I am for the comic.

So, cute characters, good jokes good literary and mythological jokes, and a chance to learn something about mythology twice a week! Of course it's recommended, go check it out.

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