Thursday, 15 July 2010

I write like...

I write like David Foster Wallace

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

So, I found this on a Library Thing topic: it analyses your text and, based on the words you use and the writing style, it tells you which author's your writing resembles.

I ran it through 14 reviews and this is what I got:
  • David Foster Wallace - 4
  • Vladimir Nabokov - 2
  • Jonathan Swift - 2
  • Dan Brown - 2
  • Mary Shelley - 1
  • James Joyce - 1
  • Charles Dickens - 1
  • Kurt Vonnegut - 1

    I also ran it through some original texts and I ended up with:
    (The results are ordered by age of the texts, older ones first)
    • Dan Brown (I really need to revise this one :S)
    • Vladimir Nabokov
    • Anne Rice
    • David Foster Wallace 

      Now, I never heard of David Foster Wallace, or read anything by him, but after this I will probably try it.

      You can try it for your writing here.


      1. Fun! I want to try it!:D

        There's nothing wrong about writing like Dan Brown, remember: he's filthy rich because of it.

      2. Try it, then tell me what was the result. It only works for texts in english, though.