Tuesday, 18 May 2010

One bloody thing after another by Joey Comeau

One Bloody Thing After AnotherOne Bloody Thing After Another is an apt title to this book. It is a gory horror story, told in an episodic manner, with short chapters.

It tells us the stories of Jackie, her trees and schoolgirl crush on her friend Ann; of Ann and her mother's strange disease that transforms her into something akin to an animal; and of Charlie, his dog that walks into corners, and the headless ghost that has him bother a tenant every single day. These storylines cross somewhat, but follow their own path.

Jackie's story was interesting and, had this been another kind of book, I would have wanted to know more about her crush on another girl and her family life. It also felt like all the anger issues came out of nowhere, but then again maybe it was intended to be this way.

In Ann's story I felt that something was missing. It seems like the we never went further that the surface of the character. The same thing with her mother and sister's affliction. I would have liked to know where it came from, what exactly it was. Anyway, this is probably the most frightening part of the book, and certainly the most gory.

Charlie's story, and Mitchie's was lovely, probably my favourite, and I only wish there was more to of it

I liked the way the book is structured, the short chapters with "to-the-point" language. I absolutely loved the [not so] hidden message in between chapter (it took me a while to realize it was there, I blame it on being a ebook, I'm not used to those), it stands as a story of its own, and completes the others. The entire concept of the third part of the book is amazing: very surreal and a bit like a dream, with the repetition of the same events, changing ever slightly (reminiscent of the movie Groundhog day, only darker. And weirder).

I enjoyed this book, even if it's not my favourite genre. It is a fast read, but delivers what it promises.

Recommended to gore and horror fans.

I got this book from ECW Press, through Netgalley

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